Airbolt Group is organized for efficient operation, uncompromising quality and outstanding customer service. Our manufacturing facility has the ability to react quickly to our customers’ needs. Around-the-clock machining means that Airbolt can meet last minute or expedited delivery schedules without difficulty. We also support our customers with just-in-time shipping schedules and long-term purchasing agreements to maximize value at the best possible price.

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Yes. Airbolt has a Fellows Model #3 Gear Shaper and can cut internal or external gears and splines on your machined parts.

Yes, our facility is AS9100 Rev C & ISO 9001:2008 Conforming

You will find Airbolt Industries products in aerospace and defense applications, medical hardware and commercial parts. Versatility is one of the main strengths of Airbolt Industries.

Airbolt Industries occupies 13,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space in Valencia, California.

Yes. Airbolt has an extensive quality control manual. A copy of the Q.C. Manual is available to qualified personnel upon request.

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